Bass Player

Karl moved to Chicago in the 1990s and began paying his dues in local clubs, supporting Blues legends such as Tail Dragger, Little Arthur Duncan, and Little Mack Simmons. He has performed all over Chicagoland -- from little dives on the West and South sides to premier venues like Buddy Guy's Legends, Rosa's Lounge, the Metro, and B.L.U.E.S. on Halsted. And he's had the privilege of performing at the Chicago Blues Festival five times. 

A few of the high-profile gigs Karl has played: 
  • Chicago Blues Festival, Front Porch Stage, 1999, with Eddie Taylor Jr. and Vera Taylor, in tribute to Jimmy Reed. 
  • Rockford on the Waterfront, 1999, with Big Guitars from Memphis 
  • Dubuque Riverfest, 1999, with Big Guitars from Memphis 
  • Seljord Countryfestivalen, Norway, 1999, with Big Guitars from Memphis 
  • Chicago Blues Festival, Front Porch Stage, 2000, with Little Mack Simmons, Milton Houston, and Little Howlin' Wolf Jr., in tribute to Howlin' Wolf. 
  • Chicago Blues Festival, Crossroads Stage, 2002, with Willie Buck and Barrelhouse Chuck, in tribute to Muddy Waters. 
  • Chicago Blues Festival, Front Porch Stage, 2003, with Easy Baby Blues Band featuring Eddie Taylor Jr. 
  • Chicago Blues Festival, Front Porch Stage, 2005, tribute to Eddie Taylor, featuring Eddie Taylor Jr., Larry Taylor, and others 
  • University of Chicago Folk Festival, 2006, with Byther Smith 
Here are some of the artists Karl has worked with: 
  • Tail Dragger
  • Little Arthur Duncan
  • Little Mack Simmons
  • Eddie Taylor, Jr.
  • Detroit Junior
  • Billy Flynn and the Flynntones
  • Vera Taylor 
  • Barkin' Bill Smith
  • Lurrie Bell 
  • Little Howlin' Wolf Jr.
  • Milton Houston
  • The Legendary Illinois Slim
  • Carl Davis Band
  • Nick Moss & The Flip Tops
  • Chicago Blues Angels
  • Easy Baby
  • Rockin' Johnny Band
  • Rockin' Billy and The Wild Coyotes
  • Big Guitars from Memphis
  • Willie Buck
  • Johnny B. Moore
  • Chicago Bound
  • Rob Stone & The C-Notes
  • Barrehouse Chuck
  • Willie "Big Eyes" Smith
  • Allen Batts
  • Sam Lay
  • Harmonica Kahn
  • Larry Taylor Blues and Soul Band
  • Byther Smith
  • Michael Charles Band
  • Side Tracked featuring Mojo Mark
  • Big D and The Natural Facts
  • Mojo Mark and The Slimtones
  • Shirley King, Daughter of the Blues
  • Andrew Diehl and The Nightmen
  • Jesse Scinto and The Dignitaries
  • The Royal Esquires

Just Sitting In:
  • Otis Rush
  • Kim Wilson
  • Jimmie Lee Robinson 
  • Dave Myers 
  • Jesse Fortune
  • Mary Lane
  • Jody Williams
  • Jimmy Burns
  • Little Smokey Smothers
  • Black Lone Ranger 
  • Bob Corritore
  • Hubert Sumlin
  • Pinetop Perkins
  • Eddie C. Campbell
  • Dusty Brown
  • Bob Riedy Blues Band

With Eddie Taylor's Daughters & Billy Flynn

With Easy Baby

With Eddie Taylor, Jr., and Easy Baby

With Sam Lay & Bob Riedy Blues Band
Photo by Daniel Swadener

With Little Mack Simmons